Jagran shiksha

Instill self pride through heritage awarenessEkal Vidyalaya Foundation believes in empowering the people to establish “Gram Swaraj” orĀ  “Self Governance” as visioned by Mahatma Gandhi.

  • Working knowledge about local government functionary
  • Awareness about constitutional rights
  • Importance of voting
  • Make “Panchayat” effective and functional

To enable this, Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation volunteers and executives try to provide working knowledge about local government functionary and awareness about the “Right to Information” Act to villagers. To enhance their participation in the governance, Ekal Teachers emphasize the importance of voting to villagers. In many villages, Ekal Foundation has been a catalyst to revive the Panchayat System of the village or to make the system functional and effective towards the village development